My favourite thing to do with my Dad when I was younger was fairy and Indian hunting. We would go for long walks in the woods and hunt for fairies and be careful of the Indians… looking back, it was my Dads imagination and enthusiasm that my sister and I enjoyed. He took us to another world where everything and anything was possible and let us believe. So, B and I always hunt for fairies … admittedly, I am not as good as my pops but she loves it and so do I. Being transported back to the days of pure happiness with my Dad who’s love and enthusiasm never faulted for us as mine never falters for my girls ✨ 📸 by @sammshone • • • #BandMe #fairies #indians #believe #freedom #childhood #reminiscing

“Mummy can people your age go to the Olympics”

#inconversationwithB #Bandme #cheek

“My friends will think I like Elsa” – oh she is growing up! She is so anti Elsa 🤣 #BandMe

B having a meltdown at the thought of going to the sleepover with an Elsa backpack #BandMe